›› How are services and programs different since some programs I use, like spyware protection software, begin running as soon as I boot up my computer?

Asking this question is like asking, "What's the difference between a car and a truck?" Well, we know that they are both used for transportation, they both have four wheels, and they both need gas to make them go. The real difference lies in the technicalities. The same can be said for the difference between services and programs. In reality, a service and a program are basically the same thing-software, but the real differences are only technicalities. One of those technicalities is the fact that services were designed to have little or no human intervention required, whereas, with a typical program, human interaction is typically necessary in some way or another. We can use the spyware protection software as an example of this principle. Spyware protection programs act like services in that they typically boot up automatically and run invisibly in the background of your computer, but it's likely that, sooner or later, user intervention will be required to download an updated version of the spyware database or delete a pop up message warning you that spyware has been detected. Typical services do not normally require that much human intervention, if any.

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