›› Which Windows Services are unneccessary?

While this topic seems to be a hot bed of contention among various websites today as to which services are discardable and which are indisposable, this issue is best left to you to figure out since you will be the best judge of what suits your own needs. Some issues you may want to consider while deciding whether or not you need a particular service are: whether or not your computer is on a network, how you use your computer (desktop versus server, gaming versus business), whether or not you're satisfied with the performance of your machine, etc... It is impossible for us or any website, for that matter, to make recommendations and claims as to which services are unneccessary for you since we don't know you or how you use your machine. If you are particularly interested in removing unneccessary services, think carefully about how you use your machine and review the list of services provided on this website. Once you have all the neccessary information, it is only then that you should disable services that you deem unnceccessary for you. With that being said, a word of caution must be inserted here-only disable services if you are absolutely, positively sure that you know what you are doing and that you do not need that service in order for other services to run. You may want to check out the Dependencies tab under the service properties dialog box before you disable a particular service. All in all, if you're unsure as to which services are necessary and unneccessary for your machine, it's probably best to leave them alone!

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